Xanax is not an opioid — it’s a benzodiazepine — but it factors into the opioid epidemic because it’s often mixed with opioids, resulting in overdoses. Xanax is the most prescribed psychoactive drug in the United States and the second-most commonly prescribed medication resulting in emergency room visits for drug abuse.
While Xanax is an effective prescription medication for certain mental health disorders, its abuse potential is high and many Xanax prescriptions go on to be misused.
What Is Xanax?
Xanax is a brand name of alprazolam. The Xanax drug class is known as sedative-hypnotics and, as mentioned, Xanax is a benzodiazepine.
Xanax is an intermediate-acting benzodiazepine. Despite its effectiveness for certain clinical uses, it has dangerous withdrawal effects — especially after prolonged use — and can make opioids much more dangerous.
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